premier-mcdougal 5/2/20

Tag your tables

Wooden spoons on tables and consumers waving their arms to waiters may soon be a thing of the past thanks to Call System Technology (CST) who have developed a device to ensure that meals reach the right table.

Vuze is a small round tag which transmits to a second tag attached to each table so that staff know exactly which table customers have chosen.  The signals inform staff of which table they have sat down at via a computer.

The digital replacement is ideal for establishments which operate from a central ordering point, allowing customers to find their own tables, as well as large areas with outdoor seating and mixed dining and drinking areas.  The tag will constantly track your customers movement even if they move tables.

The table tags are also water resistant, easy to use and easily charged up whilst the system itself is also simple to set up and run.

Efficiency will be noticeably improved, guaranteeing an all round pleasant dining experience.

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