premier-mcdougal 5/2/20

Take it away

Duni have created new flat bottom take-away bags to help you to fulfill the needs of on-the-go eaters and families.

Fast lifestyles and limited time is dictating more and more the lifestyle choices of consumers- including how they eat. It is becoming crucial to have take-out or food-to-go variants to offer your customers so as to cater to these trends and continue to encourage traffic into your establishment.

Offering a secure and convenient option to take-away food and an easy solution to take home leftover food will also tick boxes with families and those with limited time for their sit down meals.

The new paper take-away bags are made to a good size to fit many different types of portions, and are available in brown or white. They have been designed with a flat bottom to make transport easier with fewer spills, they are also recyclable, which will satisfy many consumers’ ethical standing.

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