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Talking Heads: Father’s Day

In each edition of Take Stock we talk to an industry expert to see what they are planning for a forthcoming event. This issue, we are discussing Father’s Day.Talking Heads - Kev Jones - Take Stock magazine

Father’s Day is a popular occasion that is now considered just as important for the industry as Mother’s Day! Take Stock spoke to Kev Jones, head chef at the Bay Horse Inn, a village pub with a strong sense of local community in Roughlee, Lancashire.

Are you expecting to be busy on Father’s Day?

Hopefully. If Mother’s Day is anything to go by then we did a steady flow of diners – but didn’t overstretch ourselves. That way, guests had a relaxing, pleasant time and didn’t have that feeling of being rushed or pushed out for the next customer.

Are you running a special menu?

Yes, we plan to do a set menu to replace our normal menu; offering two or three courses, serving all day from 12 – 8pm like we did for Mother’s Day. It will include top-selling classics that suit all the family such as steak and ale pie, sausage and mash, and cheese and onion pie. In addition to the special menu, we will be offering one-off dishes ‘for dad’. I know it may seem stereotypical but we have found that red meat is eaten more by men than women, so we’ll offer a guest cut of steak and a special burger.

What about vegetarian options?

There will be at least one dish for each course that will be vegetarian or vegan. We always urge customers to have a good look at the menu when they make a booking and if they have a special requirement to get in touch with us by phone, email or social media straightaway. My kitchen team is very flexible and happy to accommodate requests, given a bit of notice.

What about a children’s menu?

We have a young person’s menu, suitable for children aged 12 and under, that will be available on the day. Everything we serve for children has no added salt or sugar; just fresh natural ingredients. It includes a range of dishes including mini pork sausages, beef burger, haddock fish fingers and cheese pasta – all served with chips or mash and garden peas or seasonal root veg. We also offer a meal deal for £7.95 that includes one of the dishes, with a drink and ice cream cone, which always proves popular.

What will be your best selling drinks on the day?

Our customers tend to be a mix of locals, walkers and visitors from further afield. Local ale is very popular with male customers, and we have found more women now are drinking it too. We sell Moorehouse’s and Reedley Hallows from two breweries in Burnley, which are close by. However, on a special occasion when our regulars dine they order wine with their meal, and on Father’s Day we are expecting to sell a lot of red wine and G&Ts too.

Any activities for the day?

We are a family friendly pub and encourage customers to feel comfortable bringing their children in, but aside from colouring pads we don’t have any activities planned. However, as Father’s Day lands on the opening weekend of the FIFA World Cup we will go against our usual ethos of having no TV and will set up a projector in the lounge, or – weather permitting – in the beer garden because we are aware how important the tournament is. With three games showing that day, we would be fools not to show them and create a reason to keep our customers in the pub for longer.

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