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Talking Heads: Spread the Love

In each edition of Take Stock we will talk to an industry expert to see what they are planning for a forthcoming event. This issue, we are discussing Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is one of the first major events of the year that gives operators the opportunity to boost sales and reap some well deserved profits.

However, how and when you celebrate the day of love is debatable. Take Stock spoke to Mike Shaw, head chef at the White Hart; a gastropub at Lydgate in Oldham to see what they are planning…

When is the White Hart celebrating Valentine’s Day?
On the day itself; Wednesday. Weekends are always a busy time for us so this way it’s a great opportunity to showcase our newly launched fine dining restaurant, The Dining Room midweek. We will also be offering a stay-over package too in our boutique bedrooms.

Are you running a special menu?
Yes. In The Dining Room we are offering a special, tasting menu with a drinks flight package. It will include a glass of Prosecco on arrival, paired with oysters. The five course menu is £45 (with a drinks flight £70).

Is this available at lunchtime or early evening?
The Dining Room isn’t open at lunchtime, so it will be an evening offering.

Are you serving any speciality drinks?
Of course! I’ve worked with our bar manager Byron to create a variety of cocktails that complement the various courses.

Do you serve a lot of Prosecco?
For our Valentine’s tasting menu we start with Prosecco, then follow with the cocktails. So, it depends how much the customer wants!

Will you be hiring entertainment for the event?
No. We’re confident that a beautiful tasting menu with a fantastic drinks flight will be a big enough pull without needing entertainment.

Will customers receive anything complimentary?
While I’m confident that the tasting menu is a big enough draw, it’s always good to bring something extra to an occasion like this, so the ladies will all receive a rose on arrival.

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