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A Taste Revolution

A Taste Revolution

Demand for low and non-alcoholic beers and ciders is growing, with Mintel reporting that one in seven drinkers bought a non-alcoholic beer in 2013.

Key reasons for this developing trend are lifestyle driven – people trying to reduce their alcohol consumption, improve diet, drink-driving and the search for something more interesting than soft drinks to have whilst visiting the pub or dining out.

Historically perceived by many drinkers as tasteless, kickless and expensive, brewers and producers have worked hard to deliver products that appeal to those looking for a low or lower alcohol experience. There are now more and more brews that both taste and look good. This can clearly be seen in recently launched products such as Bavaria 0.0% beer, Fosters Radler and Heineken’s Bulmers Cider – where their Five Fruit Harvest and Indian Summer options are both at 2.8%. And that hard work has been recognised in on-trade sales, where, for instance, Becks Blue has seen sales grow by 11.7% during 2013/14, making it the most popular alcoholfree beer (CGA Index).

So, with consumer demand and interest growing in this lucrative market, it’s essential you both stock up and present your alcohol free options effectively.

Market it right
Bavaria’s feedback found that when you or your staff are describing a beer with no alcohol, most customers would prefer the use of the term ‘Alcohol Free’ rather than ‘Non-Alcoholic’ – so get your sales patter right.

Even more important is visibility. When asked, a staggering 69% of consumers admit they actively look for alcohol-free beer in a pub, bar or restaurant. Worryingly, having seen that figure, 81% of drinkers do not think there are enough alcohol-free beer options in ontrade establishments.

There are now so many great low and alcohol free options – it is definitely worthwhile having them clearly and prominently publicised!

Boost sales
Each drink on your bar menu needs exposure to raise awareness and boost sales – but doing the right thing is key. Consumer research conducted for Bavaria makes interesting reading:

  • 20% of drinkers wanted staff to introduce them to 0.0% beers
  • 45% wanted more on-premises visibility for low alcohol options
  • 76% would like to have a wider stock range
  • 33% would like more beer info on drinks lists
  • And, finally, 41% of customers wanted more promotions
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