Kuehne June 2019

A Perfect Partnership – Tea and Cake

Everybody loves a good cuppa. And everyone loves cake. And thanks to Tetley, you can now make sure you get the combo spot on!

Tetley have launched The Tea Academy; an online resource that offers caterers an education in all things tea.

The idea behind the scheme is to create a community made up of those in foodservice who are passionate about tea and serving it the right way. In other words, enabling the nation’s favourite drink to complement the food you eat.

To help caterers make the most out of their tea and food combinations, they’ve brought in Craft Guild of Chefs member and professional chef, Lee Maycock to put together a pairings menu.

This tutorial section of the site reveals some interesting combinations which will certainly intrigue and please your customers if you try them out on your menus.  Pairing your selection of teas with your patisserie offerings will create a whole new taste experience for your customers.

The Academy provides caterers and businesses with insights and suggestions  about how to cater to certain trends and consumer demands.  Follow them at @TetleyTeaOOH.

You can also sign up to a monthly e-Newsletter which will provide you with more up-to-date education on tea blends as well as news on current trends, helping you get your offerings down to a ‘tea’.

Take a look for yourself at www.tetleyteaacademy.co.uk.

Lee Maycock’s perfect pairing:

  • Black Tea with Chocolate Truffles
  • Black Tea with Chocolate and Orange Tart
  • Earl Grey with Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffin
  • Camomile with Carrot and Walnut Cake
  • Camomile with Yorkshire Parkin
  • Redbush with Baklava
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