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The Tech Results

How it all adds up.

Find out what you scored; add up the points you scored in sections 1 to 10 and find your Tech Savvy rating below:

Zero points – The Tech-Phobic

With zero points, your best bet is to go to the library since you probably don’t own a computer. Ask a librarian or any teenager to log you onto the Internet. Amazing isn’t it! Now search for  ‘local computer classes’ and sign up for some – your business will go permanently offline if you don’t.

10 points and below – The Crawler

At least you know the difference between an iPod and a pea pod, so give yourself a pat on the back. Knowledge is power though so start boning up on technology and think about how, where and when you could start using more new technology to enhance your business. First steps: offer customers Wi-Fi, or sign-up to Twitter and tweet your daily specials.

20 points and below- The Walker

You can walk the tech walk and are already an expert in one area, perhaps back of house such as stock control or payments. Get savvy in more areas; use technology to build better customer relationships or find new customers via website and mobile marketing or social media. Integrate systems so they work harder for the business – and watch sales soar.

Up to 30 points – The Flyer

Your business is a tech pioneer using every tool to maximise efficiency, customer loyalty and revenue. Fly ahead by using technology to be different: for example some dishes a The Fat Duck come with a soundtrack on an iPod. As a USP, technology can complement your establishment or simply be fun – as long as it makes you number 1 with your customer.

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