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How Tech Savvy is Your Business?

Nothing beats the personal touch when it comes to hospitality, but ignore the onward march of technology and you will get left behind.

Technology now touches every part of your business and is evolving fast. Technology is vital to stay competitive, attract customers and maximise their spend. Operators of even the smallest cafe, bar or restaurant need to understand how the smart use of technology can benefit their bottom line and improve the customer’s experience.

According to 120 senior hospitality execs surveyed in Peach Business Leaders Survey 2013, technology is driving everything. Two-thirds said technology is likely to add greatest value to their marketing and promotional activity, whilst over half think technology will reap benefits via online reservations and ordering, and staff training, recruitment and communication. Hi-tech payment solutions such as contactless payments using mobiles, are cited by a third of execs as making an impact.

So how tech savvy is your business?  Have a look at Take Stock’s Tech Top 10 and rate yourself with our tech trends index.

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