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The Gin Boom

Gin is big business. With research* reporting that gin is now a £1.9 billion industry in the UK and 2017 gin sales the best yet, it’s a drink here to stay.

Whether you are a licensed cafe or a bustling bar, gin needs to have prominence on your drinks menu – and World Gin Day (9 June) is the perfect time to show this off!

“World Gin Day is a global event for everybody to celebrate and enjoy gin,” says Emma Stokes, World Gin Day organiser. “Anyone can get involved – you just need to give value to your customers within the gin category.”

What to do

Here are some tips from Emma to help you decide the best way to showcase your gin offering:

Extend your offering

Put on offers or extend your happy hour for G&T’s, cocktails – or both! Stick to the Saturday (the main day) or for extra sales why not extend the offers for the whole weekend? Speak to your supplier for advice on price points. Perhaps try a more expensive gin than normal or try more flavoured or higher proof gins like Plymouth or Old Tom for a change. It’s always good to test the water with your customers.

Gin tasting

Whether it’s local gins, your best sellers, or new and interesting ones, a gin tasting session works really well. Charge for the event or speak to your suppliers about getting the brands involved to sponsor and maybe even present their gins. Make sure that if you’re running it yourself you swat up on the key points of each gin, especially where and how it’s made, the botanicals used and any interesting facts about the producer. Everyone loves a good story!

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Host a gin party!

Every year a road in Bath is closed for a huge street party dedicated to all things gin. Whilst I’m not advocating that all gin parties need to be on this scale, consider if your venue has the space to host a larger gin party. Don’t forget, it’s in June and (fingers crossed) the weather’s usually pretty good, so any outside space could work well!

Gin paired dinnerThe Gin Boom gin factoid - Take Stock magazine

Do you have a food offering at your venue? Consider hosting a gin dinner where your dishes are inspired by the botanicals found in gin. Match with cocktails or drinks for each course and you’ve got a formula that always works!

Meet the distiller

Gin distilleries are popping up all over the country, you’ll find you’re never too far from one these days. Why not invite the distiller to your establishment to come and do a talk about their gin – and of course bring samples! Their enthusiasm and passion for all things gin is usually pretty infectious…

The Snug, a micropub in Carnforth held a gin festival last year on World Gin Day. “We had 26 gins on; a mix of staple and different, unusual ones along with garnishes such as limes, lemons and thyme – a herb that worked really well with a botanist Scottish gin,” said Gregg Beaman, owner. “I knew gin was popular but I never expected the turnout we had – we were up 75% on our usual Saturday takings. It was extremely hard work but very worthwhile, and a great day.”

What to pour

Here are Halewood’s suggestions on standard, upsell and premium gins you should stock for the event:

Standard pour – starts at £18 per bottle

• JJ Whitley Elderflower

• JJ Whitley London Dry Gin

• JJ Whitley Nettle Gin

• JJ Whitley Violet Gin

Cocktail serve: Elderflower & Apple Collins

Upsell pour – £26-32 per bottle

• WNG handcrafted gin

• WNG handcrafted dry


• WNG Quince

• WNG Raspberry

• WNG Blood Orange

• COLD Authentic London Dry

• COLD Christopher Wren

• COLD Old Tom

Cocktail serve: Rhubarb & Ginger Spritz

Premium pour – £45-50 bottle

• COLD Square Mile

• Liverpool Organic Gin

• Liverpool Rose Petal Gin

• Liverpool Val Orange Gin

• Marylebone Gin

Cocktail serve: Maryle’BONE’dry Martini

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