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The Mixologist Recommends with Adrien Rosier

For this issue we are mixing it up and getting advice on how you can train to be a mixologist, rather than speak to one. We had the pleasure of talking to Adrien Rosier, communications manager at the well-established and respected European Bartender School. The school has been dedicated to training people to become professional bartenders since 1999, through programmes created by industry experts. Take Stock went to find out more…

Who can attend the school?

We welcome a range of people of different ages and personalities at our 25 schools across the world which include the cities Paris, Barcelona, New York and Sydney, and of course London, however the majority of our students are aged between 18 and 35. Some take the course so they can find bar work while they’re travelling, some want to work in top cocktail bars, others may just want to have a fun experience, meet new people, discover new places and cultures etc. We also have our more specialised courses for bartenders who want to boost their skills. There are all different types of personalities on our courses which is fantastic, some people are very sociable and others are more quiet and reserved but we make sure everyone feels welcome and has a good time.

Do most people already have a basic skills knowledge when they arrive?

It depends. We don’t require any previous experience for our International Bartender Course (four weeks) or Basic Bartender Course (one week), so many come with zero knowledge and we teach them everything they need to know. With the International Bartender Course, they gain the equivalent of six months’ experience behind the bar in just four weeks. For our specialised courses, like our Advanced Bartending Course for example, we do require some previous bartending experience to make sure they can keep up with the complex techniques and skills.

What skills do you teach?

We equip our graduates with the skills to be able to walk behind any bar, anywhere in the world and feel right at home. We don’t simply teach them how to create cocktails, we teach them everything from service skills, how to free pour, flair, create their own unique cocktails, the history of spirits, how to make garnishes and plenty more. What’s most unique about European Bartender School is our hands-on training methods and the fact that we create an authentic bar environment with music playing and orders flowing for our students to practise in. They mix hundreds of drinks during their time with us and become very familiar with all the bar equipment and key techniques. There’s also a big social element to our courses and students don’t just develop their bartending skills. They also develop their interpersonal skills and we find they often grow in confidence as they’re surrounded by people from all over the world from different cultures. Ultimately, we believe that joining an European Bartender School course is a life-changing experience both personally and professionally.

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Why choose EBS as a place to train?

Founded in 1999, we are the world’s largest bartending school with 20 years of experience, 25 schools across five continents and more than 50,000 graduates. We’re not just a regular bartender school, we offer a complete experience combining top-quality bartender training with opportunities to travel and meet new people. Being a European Bartender School graduate automatically puts you ahead of the bartending competition as we are recognised by hospitality venues all around the world for our high-class training programmes and accomplished graduates. With the European Bartender School certificate, students are able to find work easily. For our International Bartender Course and Advanced Bartending Course, graduates gain access to our online job platform through which they can find job opportunities around the world.

What’s involved and how much does it cost?

Whichever European Bartender School location you choose, we offer the same standards of training in our purpose-built training centres. We have a range of courses but our most popular is the International Bartender Course which includes accommodation and activities outside of class hours and prices start from £640. They vary per course and destination but we see it as an investment for the future and the majority of our students find work as soon as they finish a course. If needed, we also offer options to pay in instalments to make it easier.

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Why get a qualification?

Being a bartender is recognised as a serious profession. The industry is highly competitive and it’s impossible to find work without having some experience. The European Bartender School qualification is recognised by bars and venues around the world. They hire our students because they know the high level of training they have. Additionally, with a bartending qualification, you can start working as bartender serving drinks straight away instead of working your way up from the bottom.

Do you need to be able to catch?! (Flairing skills)

Flair isn’t a ‘must-have’ skill behind the bar, but more of an additional skill which looks impressive! Flair does form part of our International Bartender Course programme and there’s a final flair exam too. We teach flair step-by-step over the duration of the course so by the end, with the help of our instructors, our students get to grips with it.

For more information visit www.barschool.net

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