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Time to Instagram

Instagram is an easy and cost effective way to advertise your business. With 40% of people responding better to a picture than to written text*, it’s a great platform to showcase all the best bits about your business. Take Stock shows you how to set up and manage, your Instagram account.

What is Instagram?
A social media channel like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram’s main emphasis is photo sharing. You post photos – comments can be added but it is not a necessity like Facebook and Twitter – to
your followers.

Get it right
Don’t be tempted to upload large amounts of rushed posts all at once. Take your time to plan and edit pictures so they follow a certain theme. Making your photos look attractive is key to gaining
followers. When uploading food photos, photograph the dish from the right angle – if it’s a flat dish shoot from above and shoot straight on if the dish is built vertically. Instagram has tools and filters to enhance your photos. Upload snaps of new additions to your menu and specials board and short videos of any events taking place in your venue.

Build up your followers
Follow accounts that could potentially help your business. Local magazines and events pages are a great start, as well as popular food blogs and editors. Share the account details on the business Facebook page and Twitter account and then your followers on these channels are likely to join you on Instagram too. Include your account name at the end of your menu or specials board to encourage customers to follow you.

Get engaged!
Interacting with your audience is integral to the success of your profile. Prompt customers to share their foodie photos with your restaurant hashtag and host competitions for the best photo. For
example, the winner gets a free drink – this is a great way to engage with customers as they are advertising your profile to their followers for free! Or upload a photo of a new dish and ask your followers to ‘name the dish’ and provide a free drink or dessert for the winning name.

Post away!Post Away Phone Image
There’s no limit on how often you can post on Instagram, the more active you are the better! A good time of day to post foodie pictures is before meal times, as that way you are enticing your followers to come and eat at your establishment for their next meal. Posting your weekly/daily specials board is also a great way to attract custom. Use hashtags to help drive traffic. For example, #chefs, #lunchtimedeal etc.

Managing the account
Appoint one or two members of staff to monitor the account. This way, your profile is being watched and managed daily. The Instagram account managers should keep passwords and login details
secure and private, so there isn’t a risk of details being lost or changed. Negative comments should be dealt with calmly and in a polite way. You don’t want to be perceived as rude, so it is important to provide good customer service if a customer has complained via social media.

Top Instagram Photo Tips Image• 500 million active users
• 14 million users in the UK
• More than 40 billion photos shared, and 95 million shared per day
• 3.5 billion likes every day
• Most popular with the under 35s who account for nearly 90% of users


Top photo tipsInstagram Tip Cards Images
• Find a natural light source when taking photos, avoid the use of flash and harsh lighting
• Be wary of which filters you use – some will take away the real colours of the food
• Appoint one or two members of staff to manage the account to constantly reply to comments and posts

Set up an Instagram page by following these simple steps:

• Download the app from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store
• Hit ‘Sign Up’ and enter your email address (we suggest you use a work email address), then tap ‘Next’
• Create a username and a secure password – your username should be easily recognisable, e.g. your business name
• Fill out your profile information. Your profile photo should be relevant, like your company logo
• Fill in the bio with your company information/description, the bio can hold a URL
• Once your account is set up, build up your following list by searching appropriate accounts

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