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Time to Party

A Christmas party is the ultimate night out. And when it comes to hosting one, all guests really want are the classics, done well.

Therefore, Premier Foods Christmas Party Guide is on hand to help. Their key message is to keep your menu simple and traditional; preferably serving a buffet or canapés.

“Creating a festive buffet and canapés for your customers doesn’t need to be a time consuming task,” says Premier Foods chef Mark Rigby. “Make dishes that use ingredients you already have as part of your existing Christmas menu. This ensures that you are making the most of the products you are already buying.”

What to serve

Customers want traditional, British festive dishes – this is not the time to experiment with new flavours or quirky dishes. Roast turkey and pigs in blankets are still firm favourites, along with the traditionally retro – but still ever popular – cheese and pineapple on sticks! Mince pies and Christmas pudding are still the most requested and best loved desserts.

How to serve

The perfect number of dishes on a buffet would be around nine (six savoury and three sweet). If serving canapés, ensure that these are available for guests on arrival. If canapés are not the main source of food, they should be served before the buffet. Customers prefer to be able to sit down to eat their food, therefore ensure you have plenty of seating available, and that your menu includes a variety of hot and cold dishes.

Extra touches

Go to town with little, subtle touches to make the customer feel extra special and their evening memorable. Research for Premier’s party guide reveals that customers expect a free drink on arrival, would like more choice on the menu and for outlets to provide simpler formats to make managing their plates easier. It also shows that customers want their food served earlier in the evening, as well as the menu to offer more vegetarian and gluten free, and even healthier dishes – so try to steer away from serving just a beige buffet!

Cuisines to serve

1st – Traditional British

2nd – Italian

3rd – American

4th – Mexican

Must have dishes

•Mince pies


•Roast turkey

•Cheese & pineapple on sticks

•Pigs in blankets

•Christmas pudding

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