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Take Stock’s tips for cheaper cuts

Here are some great reasons to go for a cheaper cut:

  • Great skill to use and pass to the next generation of chefs
  • Cheaper cuts generally have greater flavour than prime cuts
  • Great for the profit margin
  1. Understand fully. Understanding the cooking process for the cut you’ve chosen in advance will save you making costly mistakes. Seek out dependable recipes from chefs in your peer set and don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get it right first time. See the introduction to new ingredients as valuable development time so you can eventually get the dish right for your customers.
  2. Prepare your prep. Decide how much of the preparation you’re going to undertake. For example, are you going to butcher pigs cheeks direct from a whole pigs head, or buy the cheeks in separately so therefore already prepared? Cheaper cuts come in a variety of formats from the simple to the complex and they are costed accordingly.
  3. Start small. Initially, why not start using cheaper cuts as a cute garnish to get experience. Try tempura of chicken oyster on a fish dish or crispy chicken skin rendered down into delicious crisps.
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