Kuehne June 2019

To Hull & Back

Make quick – and safe – work of hulling and slicing strawberries this season with Kuhn Rikon’s new strawberry knife.

The funky red and green knife, which retails at £9.95, is the Swiss company’s latest addition to its colourful range of fruit knives (others include a melon knife, small melon knife, avocado knife and apple knife).

The huller is at one end, the blade at the other. Depending on which you are using at the time, you can fold the other away to protect your fingers.

Kuhn Rikon, a family-owned firm, has been supplying technically innovative kitchen tools since 1926 and besides the UK, its products are now available in 40 countries worldwide. Log on to www.kuhnrikon.co.uk to watch a video of the knife in use.

For trade enquiries, telephone 01902 458410.

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