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Toast the Roast

Who doesn’t love a good roast dinner? One of the most favoured and iconic British meals, it’s a guaranteed menu winner.

With British Roast Dinner Week back for its third year (29 September – 5 October) we thought we’d raise a toast to the roast and celebrate the fact it no longer needs to be a Sunday to enjoy one!

A classic twist

The traditional chicken, beef or lamb will always lure customers to the table. But, giving the classic roast a twist is a good idea too, especially if you want to serve it on other days of the week. “A roast doesn’t have to be just about meat and two veg,” says Chris Barber, UFS pub expert. “Offering lentils, pulses and
grains or glazed spinach gives customers something different.” Asian influences will give a kick to a roast chicken. Try lemongrass, ginger and chillies for an intense Thai flavour or go Indian with a roasted masala chicken.

We love gravy…

“Gravy is a key element of any roast dinner,” says Chris. “But it’s a part that often gets overlooked when it comes to the perfect roast.” For an extra special taste and more flavour add a few simple ingredients to pre-packed gravy products or granules. Try rosemary or garlic, or pour the gravy into the pan the meat has been roasted in. “Chefs wishing to go one step further could make what I call Grandma Gravy,” adds Chris. “Derived from the French term ‘la cuisine de grand-mere’, it means simple, traditional home-cooking and can be made by roasting the meat, pouring off the fat, adding red wine and gravy mix, then cooking in a pan with real meat juices from the roast.”

Tips from the top!

Last year’s winner of British Roast Week was Kyloe, in Edinburgh. The restaurant serves its roasts whole and carves them at the table, with accompaniments served in sharing dishes. As a result, the dining experience is one you share with family and friends just like you would at home – but without the washing up!

See our roast recipe here.

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