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Toasting the New Trends

As the New Year beckons so does a new bar menu. 2015 looks set to see a revolution in flavours in the drinks sector. Driven by the importance of provenance, jazzed-up flavours combined with traditional, familiar ones look set to be the order of the day.

Positive move

As we emerge from recession, Mintel has found that consumers going out for a drink are seeking more rewarding, immersive experiences. As a result, they’re ‘trading up’ and wanting something a little more exciting to drink. A key factor influencing their choice of drinks is their need for ‘value for time’. As time is so precious, consumers want to make the most of it and are choosing more exotic options. Mintel says that provenance is key to drink choices as consumers seek a sense of familiarity and connection to producers and suppliers.

Mix it up

Following on from the lift in fruit cider sales, 2015 is set to see a boom in mixed fruit flavours combining one widely recognised orchard fruit with a fruit that is more exotic. It’s like a half-way house; consumers want something they know and understand balanced with something new and exciting. Coca Cola Enterprises is one company tapping in to this trend – predicting that its newly launched Apple and Pomegranate Appletiser will be a hot seller in 2015. Its ‘See the Opportunity’ report highlights soft drinks as a huge growth opportunity for the trade in 2015 and potentially worth £52 million.

The rise of craft wine

Driven by the importance of provenance, craft wine looks set to take 2015 by storm. Hot on the heels of craft beer, cider and spirits, craft wine is produced by small, independent producers and, like them, is selling the story of its production and origins. The result is a superior, diverse and interesting wine offer. Craft wines were the talk of the London Wine Fair this year with many up-and -coming craft brands such as Crash, Planet Bee and Supperclub being represented. Wine expert Mark Hill thinks craft wine will be a key trend in 2015. “Consumers are demanding the very best – we’ve seen it with craft beer and spirits such as gin. It was only natural that this movement was to spread to wine. I think next
year ‘craft wine’ will be the thing everyone is talking about and asking for.”

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