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Too Hot to Handle

Whether your customer is teetotal, the designated driver, pregnant or too young for the bar, having a sober Christmas needn’t be a chore.

Most customers want a hot beverage at the end of their meal, but why not make them enticing enough to lure them away from their lime and soda mid-meal?

The nation’s passion for coffee is far from faltering. Classed as the new wine, lattès and espressos are as popular as ever, and now some places are starting to embrace the single-origin bean.

Tea is still an essential part of British life, but now the trend for speciality teas is on the rise. With hot drink consumption outside the home growing, and the category worth £1.95 billion a year to retailers according to Kantar, Christmas is the ideal opportunity to capture this market and explore the opportunities.

By offering a range of exciting hot beverages your business will not only ‘sup up’ the profits, it’ll make the experience a memorable one for the customer – so they’re more likely to return.

Drink options

Mull it over

For adults who don’t want to miss out on the festive drink alcohol-free mulled wine is an ideal booze-free alternative. It’s also a novelty drink for kids who want to feel grown up and it will give granny a spicy kick without the alcohol, if she has had too many sherries! Can work with apple or cranberry juice – or both!

Hot to choc! 

Hot chocolate is fast becoming a firm favourite hot drink. Loved by kids and adults alike, it is the perfect winter beverage to give a festive facelift. From peanut butter, to a touch of spice or pure peppermint, your hot chocolate can be spruced up far more than by just adding a dollop of cream or few marshmallows.

Posh cuppa 

Although the need for a good old brew is still out there, according to research speciality tea is becoming more popular OOH – especially among the younger drinkers – so this is the time for operators to maximise their tea offering. The growth is thanks to a thirst that has developed for green, fruit & herbal and speciality tea.

Tetley has developed a collection of 10 enveloped teas which includes the new introductions: Raspberry and Pomegrante, Lemon and Ginger, Mint Fusion and Tropical Green Tea with Mango. And Twinings have spiced up their offering with a new Bollywood Chai Latte. A perfect flavour combination of Indian spices and Assam it is perfect for those wanting to save a few pounds this Christmas as it is less than 100 calories per drink – so get it on your menu!

What to do


Like a specials board, have one for non-alcoholic drinks, or make a drinks menu just for the occasion that can be handed to the customer as they are seated. Put the hot drinks selection on your website or use social media to shout about it.

Staff aware 

This is repeated constantly, but briefing your staff on what drinks you have available is vital. They are the customer’s first point of contact and in some cases, the only contact, depending how your business works. They are
the fountain of all knowledge, so make sure they spread the word!

Make it fun

Have a drink of the day or make wacky names for the drinks. Kids love nothing more than boasting about ‘their’ special drink and overshadowing Mum’s fancy cocktail. Spruce up the drinks with sparklers or add sweets or chocolate where appropriate. Make the drink an occasion.

A Delicious Pairing

Make your customers’ coffee moment memorable. It’s not only about serving the right coffee but the correct accompaniment too. Perugina Biscotti offers a taste of Italia with its two indulgent flavours, chocolate drops and cereal. Not only will it complement their drink, it will leave a lasting impression long after their cup is empty.

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