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Top Tailoring Tips

Choosing and buying uniforms:

  • Uniforms needn’t be a major investment – aprons, ties, scarves, caps, shirts and waistcoats count as uniforms without you having to go down the whole outfit route
  • Any uniform should reflect the personality of your venue – to achieve this cost-effectively, simply select a ‘signature’ colour from your logo or branding and choose an apron, shirt, cap, tie, scarf or waistcoat in the same colour.
  • Logos can also be woven or printed on to workwear relatively cheaply
  • When choosing workwear, choose easy care, durable fabrics that can withstand frequent, high temperature washing without shrinking or losing colour e.g. a polyester apron retains colour throughout the life of the garment and wears five times as long as cotton
  • Think about issue rate – the less staff turnover you have, the more detailed and high quality the uniform can be. If your staff turnover is high, think cheaper and more cheerful
  •  Staff need to be happy wearing the uniform you provide. If they feel good, they will look and work better. Think about the age, size and shape of your staff before making any decision. What looks good on a size 10, 20-year-old will most probably not look so good on a size 16, 40-year-old. Be sensitive.
  • Draw up a shortlist of ‘possibles’ and engage your team by letting them be involved in the final decision making process
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