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Turn up the Heat!

Halloween and Bonfire Night are the perfect occasions for outlets to maximise sales by encouraging families and friends to come together and have some fun celebrating.

From decorating the venue to experimenting with the menu, there are many ways to get your customers in the seasonal spirit.

What to serve
“Food on-the-go and handheld will prove popular for both occasions,” said Mark Rigby, executive chef at Premier Foods. “On Halloween, people will most likely be in costume and will want to mingle, so a snacking finger buffet is ideal, whereas on Bonfire Night they can eat around the bonfire or in front of fireworks.”

Pizzas can be cut into varying themed shapes. Try mini Jack O’ Lantern bites. Shape the pizza into a mini calzone, cut out the eyes and mouth and use your choice of pizza filling. Rename yummy sausage ‘pigs in blankets’ and call them ‘severed fingers in bandages’ with lots of ketchup for extra spook! Use Paxo Stuffing and sausage meat and form into a finger shape before wrapping in McDougalls Pastry. Get creative with your drinks offering, experiment with sweet garnishes, different shaped ice and glassware to create something really impressive that fits with the theme of the night.

Bonfire Night
Warming, seasonal dishes like spicy parsnip and apple soup, made with Bisto Vegetable Bouillon or a hearty gluten-free paprika beef stew made with Bisto Beef Bouillon. Sweet treats are a must. Classics like parkin is perfect served with ginger spiced Ambrosia Cream and for children a pumpkin seed and black treacle flapjack or Catherine wheel cookies.

American inspiration
As the weather starts to turn colder, treat food will become more popular with consumers. This year, why not put an American twist on your food and drinks offering? According to Macphie, the most popular cuisine in 2018 was American.
• Serve hot dogs, loaded burgers, nachos, chips, chicken wings, milkshakes, sundaes and cookies. Give the option of a smaller portion for your younger and older customers and remember to put a spooky twist on dishes for Halloween.
• Spice up your hot drinks with flavours like pumpkin spice, maple syrup and caramel hazelnut.
• Transform your dishes with different American sauces.

Don’t forget!
• Customers will want to grab food as quickly as possible so they don’t miss any of your event’s activities, so make sure your food is accessible and can be eaten without a table, or knife and fork!
• Make your dishes Instagram-friendly to encourage customers to post about your event.
• Have a vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free option for customers with different diets.

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