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Vanilla 99? No thank you

Considering the summer we’ve had, it may appear odd that ice cream is still making the news.

But the only odd thing about ice cream at the moment is the flavours.

In an industry where chocolate, vanilla and strawberry have been dominant for decades, more unusual and inventive creations are now creeping up the ranks – and they’re pulling in the punters.

Customers are demanding more exotic flavours to keep them cool in the summer, and the likes of chilli and green tea are proving popular choices.

It seems that there is almost nothing you can’t make an ice cream flavour out of nowadays, and there will always be somebody who wants to try it.

Interestingly, it’s not the big ice cream producers fronting this trend, as the number of specialist ice cream makers has doubled in the past decade, proving that customers want originality and quality products, and they don’t mind paying for it either.

Why not get creative in your kitchen and think about adding some new flavours to your dessert menu. It’s becoming clear that people will eat ice cream even when it’s raining outside, so don’t forget to keep it on your menu in the winter months. Mince Pie and Christmas Pudding flavours are likely to go down a treat during December.

You can get Beechdean’s Mince Pie ice cream from Hensons Foodservice and watch your customers get festive in the most unusual way.


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