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Venice Bakery UK launch gluten Free, vegan pizza bases & flatbreads

Venice Bakery UK launch their unique Gluten Free, Vegan & Dairy Free pizza bases and flatbreads that tick more ‘Free From’ boxes than other brands, at the Allergy and Free From show in London: 7-9 June 2013 – Stand 136.

They will also be cross marketing with Estrella Daura Gluten Free Beer and serving pizza samples with MozzaRisella Dairy Free & Vegan rice cheese.

What makes Venice Bakery’s gluten free products differ from current brands on the ‘Free From’ food market? Many things; they tick far more ‘Free From’ boxes whilst delivering the great texture and taste that ‘Free From’ and Health consumers demand. Their pizza bases and flatbreads are free from common food allergens: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Soy, Corn, Nuts and Egg. Unlike many Gluten Free products currently available within supermarket ‘Free From’ aisles their products are also free from: artificial additives, preservatives and colourings.

Their secret recipe enables them to create pizza bases and flatbreads with elasticity, which mimics their gluten counterparts. This means that when Venice Bakery UK products are cooked they provide a refreshing crispness and crunchy texture unlike other gluten free bakery products.

The launch of Venice Bakery UK’s Free From pizza bases & flatbreads to UK consumers provides a great opportunity for the brand to replicate the success they have had for over 50 years in the USA. Venice Bakery USA supplies brands from Whole Foods Market to Disneyland plus many restaurant chains across America.Venice Bakery UK are excited to be launching their Gluten Free products to UK Vegan and Coeliac consumers.

Adam Martyn, the Managing Director of Venice Bakery UK says, ‘

We’re delighted to launch our Gluten Free, Vegan pizza bases and flatbreads to UK consumers at the London Allergy and Free From show during the 7th- 9th of June. Our aim with our consumer launch at the show is to help remove the isolation that people with special dietary requirements often feel. Our pizza bases and flatbreads are free of many common allergens and our secret recipe ensures they’re packed full of crunch and texture. Ultimately we want to shake up the Gluten Free market and bring families together. Our vision is that anyone with Coeliac Disease or who is Dairy intolerant or Vegan can buy our 12” family sized pizza base, top it, cook it and present it with confidence to the whole family, safe in the knowledge they won’t believe it’s Gluten Free! We want to avoid families having to juggle tight budgets to cater for different requirements and tastes. Instead they can buy our product and satisfy all tastes and intolerances.’

Venice Bakery pride themselves on their traditional baking methods,

‘With our products we focus on healthy, natural options that the whole family can enjoy so people with intolerances, allergies or auto-immune diseases like Coeliac Disease don’t feel isolated from the family meal time. Plus you won’t find any common allergens or nasty artificial additives, flavourings, colourings or GMOs in our products! This makes our products a perfect choice for anyone with food intolerances or anyone who just loves great pizza and wants a healthier option.’ Adam Martyn, Managing Director Venice Bakery UK

All of Venice Bakery UK’s products bear the Coeliac UK ‘crossed grain’ logo on their packaging indicating they are suitable for people with Coeliac Disease. The bases are all made in dedicated gluten free facility and are accredited by both the Celiac Sprue Association of America and Coeliac UK. Their products are also suitable for Vegans as they do not contain any animal products and they have recently secured UK accreditation by The Vegetarian Society.

This is the first UK launch to consumers of Venice Bakery’s products and they are excited to be exhibiting at ‘The Allergy and Free From’ show in London. They have made a special effort to partner with two other Gluten Free and Vegetarian brands at the Allergy Show this year, Estrella Daura the award winning Gluten Free Spanish Beer and MozzaRisella the leading Italian Dairy Free & Vegan cheese.

Fiona Cameron, Marketing Manager from Venice Bakery UK says,

‘We are proud to be associated with the leading Spanish Gluten Free beer ‘Daura’ from Estrella Damm, (winners of the Best European Gluten Free Beer 2012), at both the London ‘Allergy & Free From’ Show and ‘VDelicious’. As a team we made a decision that we wanted to really live our brand values at the show – to offer consumers freedom and choice. So we have also partnered with MozzaRisella a Dairy Free & Vegan cheese and we’ll only be serving this on our pizzas at the show so that people who are Coeliacs, Vegan, or Dairy intolerant can all experience our great tasting crunchy pizza on the day. As a Coeliac myself I know how difficult it can be at events and socialising with friends to find suitable food to eat. It’s doubly difficult if you are a Coeliac and also Dairy Intolerant or Vegan. We’re looking forward to the feedback we receive at the show so we can reach even more people. Currently you can only buy our products online at our website www.venicebakery.co.uk but we hope that will change as our brand awareness and consumer demand increases’.

Matt Cunliffe, Regional Manager from Grupo Damm says,

‘We all know that beer is a perfect match with pizza. This year at The Allergy & Free From show in London we are marketing our Gluten Free & Vegetarian beer alongside Venice Bakery UK Gluten Free & Vegan pizzas as we were impressed by their products. We’re passionate about giving Coeliacs and Vegetarians more freedom and hope that our cross marketing at the event will help bust some common myths that living a strict Gluten Free or Vegetarian lifestyle means you have to go without the tasty things in life. We hope that after tasting our Gluten Free beer at our stand number 34 and the Gluten Free pizza at Venice Bakery UK’s stand at 136, attendees to the event will be impressed. Repeatedly at events consumers tell us that they can’t believe our beer is Gluten Free. Venice Bakery UK also had the same comments at IFE 13 when they launched to a trade audience earlier in the year. Our key message to Gluten Free & Vegetarian consumers is that you can still enjoy great tasting beer and pizza.’

  • Venice Bakery UK Pizza bases & Flatbreads information:
  • Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Corn Free, Egg Free
  • Suitable for Coeliacs, people with gluten, wheat, lactose or dairy intolerance & Vegans
  • Free of artificial additives, flavourings, preservatives, trans fats & GMO ingredients
  • Pizza bases available in a range of sizes from approx. 5 inch (pack of 3) to 14 inch
  • Flatbreads available as a pack of two flatbreads, approx. 9 inches each
  • Plain and Italian herb seasoned bases & flatbreads available
  • Easy & convenient to cook – ready in just 15 – 20 minutes in a consumer oven
  • Suitable for the whole family, not just those with dietary requirements
  • Perfect for private labelling & provide a great ambient & frozen shelf life

Samples, competitions and tasting sessions for the new Gluten Free, Vegan Pizza bases and Flatbreads will be held at the Allergy and Free From show in London from 7-9 June where Venice Bakery UK will be available on Stand 136. They will also be selling a small selection of their products and running a variety of competitions from the stand.

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