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The new year is the perfect time to reassess your business and make sure you’re not paying over the odds for your utilities and other services. As members of Today’s Group, we can help you find the best value for money. Steve Hodson, trading controller for drop shipment and support services at Today’s, explains how we can help.

It’s all too easy to stick with the same suppliers for utilities and telecoms. These aren’t services that customers necessarily value and time is too precious to spend contacting potential new suppliers and comparing costs.

However if you don’t take the opportunity to refresh your contracts, you might be losing out. Energy costs may only be a small percentage of turnover, however reducing them can directly increase revenue without the need to increase sales. Money saved on energy goes straight to the bottom line which makes businesses more competitive – and with rising energy prices, this is more important than ever.

Today’s Group has an established portfolio of business partners who can help end users with preferential rates and clear, unbiased and informed advice whenever you need it. Business partners are on hand to listen, and ask the appropriate questions to get a firm handle on your service requirements.

They also appreciate the importance of offering customised, bespoke service packages for business. Keeping energy usage as low as possible is crucial – not just for your business’s bottom line but to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum. Here are some tips from The Carbon Trust for reducing energy bills. Heating can account for 60% of your total energy costs. Keep costs down by:
• Turning down your heating by just 1°C can reduce heating bills by up to 8%.
• Replacing inefficient boilers
• Installing de-stratification fans can reduce energy use by up to 20% in buildings with warm air heaters and high ceilings.

On average, 25% of an organisation’s electricity costs come from lighting. Cut bills by:
• Installing occupancy sensors which turn off or dim the lights when there’s no one in the room – this can reduce electricity costs by 30%.
• Using daylight sensors which will reduce artificial light according to the amount of daylight, reduce electricity use by up to 40%.

Regularly clean windows and skylights to reduce the need for artificial light. Successful energy management activities could include:
• appointing an energy manager
• monitoring energy use
• developing an action plan and training staff

It’s not just energy bills that could be reduced – our business partner AdEPT Telecom plc can help with a full range of telecoms products including calls, line rental, mobile, broadband, data connectivity and VoIP.

Card transactions are on the increase in the foodservice and on trade sector therefore it is important that you stay ahead of the game. The Today’s Group is now able to provide competitive rates on all debit/credit card types via our approved parties.

For a full range of services please visit, complete the contact information form and our supplier partner will contact you within 24 hours.

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