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Souped up SoupsKnorr Essential soup tubs - Take Stock Magazine

Maggi’s range of Simmer Soups – Tomato, Wild Mushroom, Chicken, Minestrone, Potato & Leek and Thick Country Vegetable – has long been appreciated by busy chefs for their ease of use, saving both time and money. And now the range has been improved with a new recipe that has no added MSG and meets Salt Responsibility Deal 2017 standards – so it’s even more useful as a base for your own soup creation, or as a finished product. Find out more at nestleprofessional.co.uk/our-solutions/maggi

Nestlé Docello Choconut sauce - Take Stock Magazine

Sauce Sensation

NESTLÉ has added a new flavour to its range of Docello sauces – Choconut. Choconut Sensations dessert sauce is a rich and flavorful recipe with a nice balance of chocolate and hazelnut flavours with a smooth texture, all in a practical and ergonomic bottle for easy service with an easy close lid. Developed by Nestlé’s culinary experts to give chefs gourmet, economical, customisable dessert solutions that are easy to achieve thanks to a rigorous selection of ingredients, this dessert sauce is suitable for many uses. These include: ice cream sundaes, traditional desserts like pancakes, waffles, pies, fruits, mousses and rice pudding, American desserts – cheesecakes, brownies, muffins, donuts, pancakes, cookies, etc – and in hot and cold drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino and milkshakes. Other flavours include pistachio, hazelnut and peanut! nestleprofessional.co.uk

Absolute Blinders!Peaky Blinders spirits collect - Take Stock Magazine

Halewood International has brought smash TV series Peaky Blinders to the on trade, with the launch of the new Sadler’s Peaky Blinder Spirits Collection. Inspired by a real life connection between the original Peaky Blinders of the 1920s and the Sadler family – whose pubs were often frequented by the gangsters – the 40% ABV range celebrates the spirits of the day, but with a modern twist. The small batch Irish Whiskey is an exceptional blend of grain and single malt, triple distilled and finished in sherry casks which results in a drink with an aroma of malts and cracked nuts, a sweet taste and a smooth intense flavour. The Spiced Dry Gin is made with nine botanicals including ginger and grains of paradise that makes for a peppery taste that is not for the faint hearted. Indeed, Sadler’s has specifically designed this gin to suit Indian cuisine! And completing the range there’s a Black Spiced Rum – small batched, aged in ex-ximenez casks and brought up to date with selected spices including orange, nutmeg, vanilla and raisin for a truly distinctive finish of well balanced spices and sweetness. halewood-int.com

Reds Amercian sauces - Take Stock MagazineRed Alert

Demand in the UK for authentic American BBQ tastes continues unabated, with more and more restaurants now offering dirty burgers, ribs and dude food. One of the biggest names in the sector is Red’s – a chain of eight UK restaurants that’s established a real name for itself with diners in their 20s and 30s as a go-to place for American cuisine. And you can now recreate some of the dishes that have made Red’s so popular as they’ve launched a range of Red’s branded sauces in Kansas City BBQ, Unholy BBQ, Devil Wing BBQ and South Carolina Mustard BBQ flavours. Available in 320g squeezy bottles with easy close nozzles to let you quickly prepare a wide range of great tasting burgers, wings and other American-style dishes with real appeal. rhamar.com

Creative Crabbie’sCrabbies gluten free IPA - Take Stock Magazine

Crabbie’s is once again pushing boundaries with the exciting launch into the craft beer market of a blend of iconic Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer and a Red IPA from Sadler’s Ales. Introducing an innovative and bold take on this famous type of ale, the IPA brings a new, daring taste sensation to the craft beer category by offering a deeply fruity flavour from the hops, with a fiery kick of ginger for a rich, spicy finish. 4.7% ABV and gluten free. halewood-int.com

grape and apple flavoured Purdey’s Rejuvenate and dark fruits flavoured Purdey’s Edge,Purdey’s Power

Now available in a 250ml can, Purdey’s is a lightly sparkling fruit drink with a unique blend of vitamins and botanicals. Available in two variants – grape and apple flavoured Purdey’s Rejuvenate and dark fruits flavoured Purdey’s Edge, both have no added sugar, meaning Purdey’s will be exempt from the Soft Drinks Industry Levy come April 2018. Place in the chiller next to energy! purdeys.com

Monster MashMaggi Monster Mash - Take Stock Magazine

Made from 88% mashed potato, Maggi already claims that its mashed potato is the highest quality instant mash on the market. And now it’s even better, with a new recipe that meets Salt Responsibility Deal 2017 targets. Cheaper than scratch made, with no wastage, Maggi Mash has a very high yield and is easy to prepare, leaving you with a delicious buttery mash potato. What’s more, it can be made hot or cold, is gluten free and vegetarian, has no added MSG and is free from artificial preservatives, colours and HVOs.

Knorr Essentials tubs - Take Stock MagazineNothing to Declare

Despite allergen legislation being introduced in 2014, Food Standards Agency research has shown that 48% of operators can still not name all the 14 declarable allergens. With regulations getting ever tougher, chefs need clean label products to help them meet the challenge of satisfying end customer’s dietary requirements. To address this need, Unilever has launched ‘Knorr Essentials’ – a range of dry products including powder bouillon and dry sauces with a completely clean label – so gluten & lactose free; no allergens to declare; no artificial colorants; no GMO ingredients or palm oil, no added MSG and UK 2017 Salt Target compliant. unileverfoodsolutions.co.uk

Tip Top TonicLamb & Watt, naturally light tonic - Take Stock Magazine

Lamb & Watt has developed a Naturally Light Tonic to join its original hibiscus, cucumber and basil line-up. With 62% fewer calories than the original and fewer calories than other light tonics, Naturally Light uses mineral water from the Lake District and organic blue agave for sweetness, delivering a distinctive, refreshing tonic. Available in 200ml glass bottles, the new tonic pairs brilliantly with gin and vodka – or in its own right as a delicious non alcoholic soft drink. halewood-int.com

Oranje Premium Vodka - Take Stock MagazineInternational Oranje

The newest flavour to join Diageo Reserve’s portfolio of world class brands is Ketel One Oranje – a super premium vodka infused with natural oils from Valencia and Mandarin oranges. A sophisticated and crisp wheat-based vodka, Ketel One is small batch and still uses copper pot stills as part of the distillation process. The new flavour joins Ketel One Vodka and Ketel One Citroen and taps into continued high demand for new and innovative variants in the super-premium vodka sector. With subtle sweet notes paired with orange crispness, this is a 40% ABV vodka that’s equally at home being served on the rocks, in a vodka and soda or as part of a novel twist on a Bloody Mary. ketelone.com

Bitter is Better

Bitters are making their mark on the cocktail scene  with mixologists and bartenders reinventing long lost recipes and coming up with new signature flavours. To add impetus to this resurgence,  Hi-Spirits is bringing a complete range of handmade cocktail bitters to the UK that are sure to give inspiration to every cocktail enthusiast. Choose from a 14-strong line up that includes exotic sounding bitters like Xocolatl Mole – perfect in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan; Boston Bittahs which goes brilliantly with Pisco or Scotch, or Elemakule Tiki – for making your own tiki drinks or a twist on mulled wine. There’s even a bitter called Hellfire Habanero Shrub that Hi-Spirits says can be dashed on eggs or oysters! Find out more at bittermens.com

Bittermen's handcrafted cocktail bitters - Take Stock Magazine


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