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Find Your Flow

CGA research shows that 25% of total on-trade wet sales are soft drinks. It also shows that 60% of consumers want to see a better range of adult orientated soft drinks. So, Lucozade’s launch of an on-trade exclusive range couldn’t be better timed. Available in three flavours – Original, Orange and Pink Lemonade, all are offered in strikingly labelled 330ml glass bottles, giving excellent in fridge and back of bar presence. Adding to that visibility is a range of POS materials including beer mats and tent cards carrying the strap line ‘Find Your Flow’. Add real energy to your soft drink offerings with this exclusive on-trade range.

lucozade originallucozade pinkOrange lucozade

Bigger Muscle’s

SC Johnson has responded to demand with the launch of three of their top professional cleaners in a new 5-litre format. Available now are Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner, Mr Muscle Professional Floor Cleaner and for the kitchen, Brillo Professional Concentrated Detergent Cleaner. All three offer busy professional operations highly effective cleaning solutions in an easy to use and store format.

cleanercleaner 2cleaner 3

Baked not Fried

KP Hula Hoops are an established favourite amongst snackers across the land. But that hasn’t stopped KP from innovating, which is why they’ve come up with a brand new addition to the range. Hula Hoops Golden Hoops Cheese is the first baked rather than fried snack to be launched. There’s that same great KP taste but with 30% less fat. No MSG, artificial colours or flavouring too. Hula Hoops, with that same great taste and 30% less fat? A definite winner!

Golden Hoops Cheese

Let’s do the Twist!

Budweiser – the iconic American beer – has responded to demand from consumers by introducing twist off caps across the range. Covering 300ml, 330ml and 660ml bottles the change makes opening a Budweiser simple and convenient – further enhancing Bud’s appeal as the perfect beer for festivals, events and in sharing buckets during this summers’ numerous sporting occasions.


Hot Stuff!

Real Crisps are launching Pepperoni – a delicious limited edition flavour to their handcooked range of punchy, no-nonsense flavours. Sitting as a perfect addition to existing flavours like Roast Ox or Sea Salt & Vinegar, limited editions generate new news for consumers and capitalise on the growing demand for hand cooked crisps. Pepperoni has a deliciously moreish flavour with all the spice, heat and meaty flavour you’d expect and will be a perfect addition to your Real Crisp range. Launching 23 May in 35g, 50g and 150g pack sizes.

35823 Real 50g Pepperoni 3D Pack

New Look Bottle

Customers are looking for a premium experience, something Wood’s – makers of the only Demerara navy rum bottled at 57% – have recognised with their brand new look for an old favourite. Gone is the classic shaped 70cl screw top bottle, replaced by a stronger, squatter, sturdier one with a cork closure that exudes quality. And quality is the name of the game for what’s in the bottle – a dark rum that’s blended in Guyana to Wood’s original navy recipe that includes rum from the only working single wooden pot still in the world. Old Navy Rum with a whole new shelf presence. A winner!


Going Wild!

Heineken has announced a new Wild Blueberry and Lime flavour of its Bulmers cider range – tapping into demand from young adults for ciders with bold tastes and flavours. Available in 568ml bottles, the 4% ABV cider satisfies increasing consumer demand for blueberries and is the only mainstream blueberry flavoured cider in the market. The new Bulmers variant joins a range that includes Cider Pear, Crushed Red Berries & Lime, Zesty Bloody Orange and Cider Original – ensuring there’s a Bulmers cider to satisfy every taste.

Bulmers Wild Blueberry & Lime HR-1

Simply Better

Nescafé’s range of best selling coffees are now available in brand new, easy to handle OOH catering sized tins. Developed alongside extensive customer research, the new tins are a complete departure from the awkward round catering tins of the past, allowing operators to stack, store and serve more easily and hygienically. The complete Nescafé range will benefit from new tins – so look for the redesigned tins when next ordering Nescafé Original, Gold Blend, Azera, Cap Colombie, Blend 37, Alta Rica or Partners Blend.


Twisted Pilsner

5% ABV Staropramen from Molson Coors has established itself as the #1 Czech beer in the UK on-trade. Indeed, it ranks #7 in the world for sales volume. So when a new addition to the family is announced, attention is required! Staropramen PRAVHA is an exceptional 4% ABV draught continental lager with all the qualities of its big brother, but with a lighter taste that will appeal to drinkers who want a high quality pilsner with a slightly less powerful kick. Bar presence is assured by stylishly modern bar dispensers with a twisted look – a look that extends to uniquely branded Pravha glassware that will drive attention and demand.

Pravha glassPravha

New From Kellogg’s

47% of the UK population have muesli and/or granola as part of their diet, so it’s a brave foodservice operator who doesn’t have these healthy eating options available for their customers. With that in mind, Kellogg’s have now launched their tried and tested Crunchy Granola in a 1.5kg format that’s perfect for foodservice. And for consumers on the go there are new additions to their cereal bar range – a chewy bar with Cranberries & Roasted Almonds and two 5 Grain Muesli bars, one with chocolate and a blend of nuts, the other combining red apple, peanuts & pumpkin seeds.

Muesli Bar_Red Apple_Wrap_3D[6]Nutty Bar_ChocoNuts_Wrap_3D[7]

Draught Desperados

Desperados – ranking #4 amongst the UK’s packaged lager brands – has just launched on draught. The 5.9% ABV tequila-flavoured beer is aimed at a twenty-something audience looking for a premium drinking experience. That premium feel is supported by the release of a new schooner-style glass which, at two-thirds the size of a pint, aims to allow operators to both boost their profit margins and encourage responsible drinking. This is the UK’s first spirit enhanced beer available on draught and with a distinctive illuminated steel pump that draws the eye and a range of POS including branded bar runners is sure to be a hit.


Chef’s Pass

There’s a new name in the world of professional catering – Chef’s Pass. Developed by Kerry, the Chef’s Pass range kicks off with four on-trend marinades – Peri Peri Hot, Peri Peri Mild, Peri Peri Lemon & Herb and a Hot & Spicy – all allowing chefs to deliver consistent quality and authentic flavours every time. There’s also a completely unique product – Chef’s Pass Onion Reduction – that’s aimed at outlets that caramelise onions (and other vegetables) at scale. A flavour enhancement, Onion Reduction uses a blend of oils and herbs to allow chefs to caramelise onions in just eight minutes. It increases yield too. More information at or via the Chef’s Pass app.

Peri Peri MildOnion Reduction for Caramelising

Magnificent Mayo

Heinz has added (seriously) GOOD mayonnaise to their range of top down 220ml table top sauces in standard and light versions. With more than half of mayonnaise consumers coming from a young demographic who demand innovation and a product that offers taste and naturalness, Heinz’s new offerings are perfectly placed additions to Heinz’s top selling range of table top sauces.


Back of House Sauces

Heinz Foodservice has launched a new back of house sauces range, allowing operators to quickly and easily respond to fast changing taste trends. The range of 875ml squeeze bottles includes Smokey Baconnaise, Heinz 57 Gherkin Relish, Grill-House sauce, Mustard BBQ sauce, Sticky Korean BBQ sauce and a Creamy Black Pepper Ranch sauce. More information and recipe ideas visit

57 Gherkin RelishCreamy Black pepper Ranch SauceMustard BBQ SauceGrill-House SauceSmokey BaconaiseSticky Korean BBQ Sauce

Kerrymaid Kitchen

Two kitchen sauces from Kerrymaid – Bechamel and Hollandaise – have been launched.
Developed for busy chefs, both aim to deliver all the taste, texture and flavour of homemade in a ready to use format, thereby eliminating the risk of wastage through the risk of splitting and curdling when cooking from scratch. Both meet 2017 UK salt targets, have no artificial colours or flavourings added and allow chefs to offer an allergen controlled consistent tasting premium sauce, straight from the pack.


UFS Chef Rewards

Have you enrolled with the UFS Chefs Rewards yet? If not, you’re missing out on the opportunity to earn great rewards, including phones, vouchers, knives, Kindles, iPads and Xbox equipment. Visit for full details!


New Amsterdam

Having taken the US by storm, New Amsterdam vodka is now available in the UK. Boasting the old name for New York, New Amsterdam is a premium 100% grain imported vodka that’s five times distilled and triple filtered. Crafted with botanicals, citrus and a nod to juniper, New Amsterdam is smooth enough to drink straight, but perfect for cocktails too. An American vodka that’ll be a great addition to your premium vodka listings.


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