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Dark Spirits

Tia Maria has long been a Christmas favourite, so what better time than now to give yourself a new look? Distributed by William Grant & Sons, the new bottle gains an elegant silhouette and shape that is designed to appeal to buyer’s sub-consciousness. The black bottle is retained, offset by a deep red label – the combination generating real eye appeal. What remains unchanged is the unique blend of 100% Arabica coffee, Jamaican rum and Madagascan vanilla that has been a favourite with drinkers and bartenders around the world for years. Serve straight, over ice, with coffee, in desserts or in any number of classic cocktails, including the iconic Espresso Martini. At 26.5% ABV, this is a Christmas classic with year round appeal!


Hot Tomato!

Walkers has introduced a fifth flavour to their best selling Deli range – Cayenne Chilli with Spanish Tomato. The launch is in response to feedback from publicans who wanted a broader choice and boldly different flavours in their crisp range. With chilli consistently among the most popular flavours across all key premium crisp brands, Deli’s chefs applied the same criteria to the existing range – thicker cut, longer cooked and ingredients with true provenance – and developed the mix of Cayenne Chilli and Spanish Tomato. Available in packs of 18 x 40g this is a great addition to the fastest growing premium crisp brand.


Wonderfully WKD!

SHS Drinks are making major changes to the WKD range – all designed to abolish the drinks image as a sugar-laden alcopop and ‘reignite’ the RTD category. Not only is there a new retro-style 275ml glass bottle, but the range has been changed too. WKD ‘Original’ in Blue and Iron Brew variants remain, but tapping into drinkers desire for healthier options, WKD Blush becomes Passionfruit and Red becomes Berry, and plans are afoot for two lower calorie variants to join the range shortly. The WKD range stays at 4% ABV and SHS will be supporting the re-brand with a multi-million pound campaign based on a ‘WKD for the Now’ slogan.


Flash Gordon’s

Gordon’s has been around since 1769, establishing itself as one of the nation’s favourite gins. And now the range has a new look, designed to reassert Gordon’s position as the top selling gin brand. Still instantly recognisable as Gordon’s, the bottle is taller and slimmer, with the label applied to the D-shaped curved as opposed to the flat side of the old bottle. In addition, the bottle gains embossing and a signature ‘Boars Head’ logo that will form part of future Gordon’s campaigns. The brighter, modern re-brand gives Gordon’s Original (1.5l, 1l and 70cl), Gordon’s Sloe (70cl) and Gordon’s Spot of Elderflower (70cl) a premium look and enhanced presence on the shelf – all guaranteed to drive demand.

Premium Polish

Today’s drinkers demand a premium experience. If you can add the excitement of something different, then you’re on the way to a winner. New look Żubrówka vodka from William Grant ticks both these boxes. Produced in Poland, the seven times distilled rye-based vodka is then infused with extract of bison grass, hand picked in the Białowieża Forest. This gives Żubrówka both a uniquely distinctive taste and a greenish hue that really commands attention. Available in 70cl bottles complete with a bison adorned label, Żubrówka is 40% ABV.


Sicilian Blood

The Whitley and Neill families have been involved in the creation of fine spirits since 1762, using the best ingredients from around the world. Now, following in the footsteps of Africa-inspired award-winning Whitley Neill small batch dry gin, there’s a hand crafted vodka with the zesty flavour of Sicilian blood oranges. Possessed of a dynamic citrus flavour and earthy spices, the smooth tasting vodka is great by itself, or in a wide range of serves, including the Sicilian Sunset combination of blood orange vodka, runny honey and fresh orange and lime juices. 43% ABV and presented in an eye catching orange 70cl bottle, this is the first of a number of launches from the Whitley and JJ Neill stables, including a quince gin and a rhubarb vodka.


Sachet Success

Mizkan has launched a range of their top selling condiments, in sachet format. Ideal for front of house or self-serve, the four variants available are Sarson’s Malt Vinegar (7g) and from Branston – Brown Sauce, Mayonnaise and Tomato Ketchup, all in 10g sachets. The tasty trio of Branston sauces are all produced in Britain, as is the Sarson’s vinegar. The sachets – which come in selfservice ready packaging containing 200 units – allow your customers to personalise their dishes while you control portion sizes, and reduce wastage. Perfect for takeaway use or when table space is limited.

mayo-sachet sarsons-sachet

Christmas Wrapping

Wrap Film Systems – makers of the award-winning Wrapmaster range – has introduced a new ‘Easy Start’ feature to its PVC and PE cling films, making tangled and ripped film a thing of the past. Exclusive to Wrapmaster, Easy Start can be used with the Wrapmaster Duo, which dispenses two types of material while taking up 40% less space than two separate dispensers; the 4500, which caters for kitchens using high volumes of film; and the 3000, Compact and 1000 dispenser for smaller operations. All machines can handle the full range of Wrap Film foil, baking parchment, grease proof paper and cling film, effortlessly dispensing and cutting from readily available 30 and 45cm refills. What’s more, they’re safe to use and being washable, meeting health and safety as well as hygiene rules is as simple as popping the dispenser in the dishwasher. Easy to use, quick and efficient, Wrapmaster is the perfect dispensing solution for busy professional kitchens.


Mango Fandango

Cîroc has been so successful in meeting demand for flavoured vodka, that it is now Great Britain’s number one luxury vodka brand. However, that success hasn’t stopped Diageo from innovating, hence the launch of an eighth member of the family – Cîroc Mango. Still made from French grapes, the vodka is distilled five times before being infused with the taste of Carabano mango, citrus and other natural tropical flavours. The smooth and creamy combination mixes brilliantly with citrus mixers, on it’s own, or with Champagne and orange juice in a Mango Mimosa.


Rye Thoughts

There’s no stopping the Guinness Brewers Project! Firstly the team at St. James Gate, Dublin launched Dublin & West Indies Porters that grabbed the headlines. Then there were the hugely successful launches of a Golden Ale and Hop House 13 – a brew that has immediately become a UK top seller. And now there’s Guinness Rye Pale Ale joining the family. The fifth Brewers Project beer was originally brewed as a Christmas gift for friends and family of the St James Gate brewers. From there, it was made available to brewery visitors – reaction being so positive that Guinness have decided to share it with everyone. The brew itself offers a rustic peppery bite, balanced with citrusy grapefruit notes from mosaic and cascade hops – a taste that’s bang on trend – and it’s available now in 500ml bottles and at an ABV of 5%!


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