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What's New - March/April

What’s New March-April

Trusted cleaning productsSimple Trust

The all-new Pro Formula range is a full set of easy-to-use cleaning products from Diversey Care that meets demand from food service businesses to complete routine tasks quickly, economically and with excellent results. Pro Formula products are designed to deliver better performance and results with lower cost-in-use than alternatives bought in retail outlets such as supermarkets. All Pro Formula products have unique formulations specifically developed to meet the demands of the business environment in trusted brands including Persil, Sun, Cif, Domestos and Surf. The range also includes products for specialist tasks. Pro Formula products require no special equipment, are simple to use and are supplied in special business pack sizes. Comprehensive support
including user guides and wall charts are available at diversey.com

No Added Sugar BeanzHeinz Beans - No sugar

Heinz has the first no added sugar beans on the market, sweetened with stevia extracts from the stevia plant. Still with the same great taste of Heinz, the new beanz contain nearly half the sugar, 20% less calories, half the fat and 27% less salt than the leading healthier choice baked beans. If health is a priority, for beans, it has to be Heinz.

Healthier Heinzless fat Heinz tomato Ketchup

As everyone is more concerned than ever about sugar and salt intake, Heinz has brought to market a new tomato ketchup with no artificial sweeteners, sweetened from stevia extracts. Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt Tomato Ketchup keeps the unmistakable taste of Heinz Tomato Ketchup but with 50% less sugar and 50% less salt!

Sparkletts - sparkling flavoured waterSparkling Sales

Cott has launched their new brand Sparkletts; sparkling flavoured water with added vitamins and only nine calories per 500ml bottle. Sparkletts is designed for consumers who want to drink more water but also desire the stronger taste of carbonated soft drinks. With sparkling stronger flavoured water a fast growing category, Cott’s new family member gives operators a great additional sales opportunity, especially as we enter the warmer months of the year. Available in three eye catching flavours; Blood Orange & Mango, Black Cherry and Coconut & Pineapple with Lime.

Portioned PeanutSunpat peanut butter

The UK’s favourite peanut butter is now available in a convenient and portion controlled 15g serving. Made with 95% peanuts, Sun-Pat is a source of protein, high in fibre and helps maintain energy levels – qualities that explain peanut butter’s ever increasing appeal to health conscious consumers. It tastes delicious on toast and crumpets, and in sandwiches too.

Magis Bouillons samples

Free Samples

Boasting 130 years of excellence in bouillons, Maggi is known and trusted by chefs. And now they’ve gluten-free bouillons in chicken and beef, and vegetable variants whose dehydrated powder format allow them to be used at any stage of the cooking process to add flavour. Virtually fat, HVO and saturated fat free, both meet 2017 Salt Targets and come in easily re-sealable 2kg tubs.
For a free sample or more information call 0800 742 842.

Foodservice First

Premier Foods is extending its iconic Bisto portfolio with four new, easy to use, sauces – Curry, Parsley, Béchamel and Cheese. Available in a ‘granule’ format, a first for sauce mixes in the foodservice industry, the portfolio has been developed for the channel following insight into the most popular dishes on UK menus. The new Bisto sauces are ready to serve after simply mixing with boiling water, offering chefs a delicious and time saving solution for side dish up-sell opportunities. Download a recipe guide at premierfoodservice.co.uk

new Bisto sauces

Bulmers Orchard PioneersBulmers Orchard Pioneers

Bulmers – the leading and most trusted name in bottled cider – has collaborated with two passionate, up-and-coming cider makers and apple growers, to create Orchard Pioneers. With Kier Rogers from the Wye Valley there’s Kier’s Cloudy Apple Cider – a medium bodied sparkling apple cider, with the flavour of fresh apple juice and caramel sweetness. And with third generation cider maker Sarah Hawkins, they’ve created Sarah’s Red Apple Cider – again medium bodied and sparkling, but this time with the subtle bittersweet taste of Hertfordshire red apple. Both are at 5% ABV and in 500ml glass bottles with striking Orchard Pioneers labelling, perfect for consumers looking for something new in premium bottled ciders.

Professional Power

P&G has launched a new range of professional powders that gives a perfect wash solution for every type of use – from fine dining to café and high standard hotel to care home. Designed to deliver outstanding cleaning results, the P&G Professional range includes Ariel Regular, Bold 2 in 1, Daz Professional Regular and Citrus Splash, and Fairy Non Bio Powder, all in a large format that gives operators up to 90 washes per box. Each one offers a unique combination of high performing ingredients that are safe to use on all types of white and coloured textiles, and at wash temperatures from 30 to 90°C – or in the case of Bold 2in1, 20 to 95°C. And each has an individually distinctive perfume that tells customers that your business cares about cleanliness. Data sheets and more information at pgpro.co.uk

Daz Professional Power

Jameson CrestedJameson Crested

It was 1963 that saw Jameson take control of its whiskey bottling, having previously left that to ‘bonders’. That change made sure that every bottle of Jameson was as perfect in taste and quality as it could be. Jameson Crested is a celebration of those first drops bottled in Bow Street, Dublin, and is now available to the on-trade. Crested is a rich pot still whiskey blended with Jameson signature grain whiskey, matured in a combination of sherry casks and bourbon barrels. The high proportion of sherry casks used in that process delivers vivid sherry and hearty pot still notes with some spice and a hint of melon and ginger, meaning Crested is best enjoyed neat on the rocks or with the gradual addition of water to release its complex flavours.

Slim Can

Within adult soft drinks, there’s increasing demand for innovation and premiumisation – Appletiser slim cansomething Appletiser has addressed with the launch of a slim 250ml can that looks great on shelf and in chillers. Perfect for food and food on the go opportunities where glass bottles aren’t viable, there are two 100% fruit juice Appletiser varieties available – Apple and Apple & Pomegranate. Both offer a premium sparkling taste, count as one of your customers’ 5 a day and are sugar levy exempt. An essential part of your premium soft drinks offering.

Maltsmiths MagicMaltsmiths craft beers

Demand for craft beers continues to grow and grow across every on-trade category, fuelled by ‘Craft Curious’ drinkers wanting and willing to pay a premium for new tastes and experiences. Recognising this, Heineken has launched Maltsmiths. Leading the charge is a Bavarian style pilsner at 4.6%. Bright gold in colour and with a balance of sweetness and bitterness, Maltsmiths Pils is perfect for the myriad of pilsner lovers out there, but with the advantage of a more accessible ABV. And for drinkers looking for a hoppier taste there is an American Style IPA, again golden coloured and at 4.6% ABV, but this time with more bitterness, and with a hint of citrus. With the top two craft beer styles being pilsner and IPA, these Maltsmiths offerings are perfectly placed, especially as a choice of draught, 330ml bottle and 330ml can means there’s a format for every operation.

Café Style

194m cups of coffee are drunk out of home each week, with consumers searching out operators who use the best ingredients to offer a highNescafé Gold coffee new variants quality taste experience with every cup. Recognising this, Nescafé has launched two new café style instant coffees, under the nation’s favourite premium coffee brand – Nescafé Gold. The new variants are Nescafé Gold Cappuccino and Latte, with both available in large format re-sealable cans and one-mug sachets, covering every out of home opportunity. The use of micronised roasted coffee has given both varieties enhanced taste and improved aroma, so you can offer your customers a premium taste with minimum fuss.


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