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What’s New – March and April

Polo is Going Solo!

The UK’s number one mint with a hole is now available as a solo portion; perfect as a complimentary sweet for your business. The individually wrapped POLO® comes in both clear mint and five fruit flavours; blackcurrant, orange, lemon, lime and strawberry and are available in cases of 6x660g bags. “Complimentary mints are the last thing a customer tastes before they leave an establishment; they are a big opportunity to create a positive lasting impression on peoples’ experiences and brands are a great way of reassuring consumers of taste and quality,” says Anu Christie-David, Nestlé sweet food category manager.



Snack Solution

After two years of development, Nestlé Professional has announced the launch of the new NESCAFÉ® & GO solution. The new machine has a contemporary design which improves the aesthetics, whilst also making it more energy efficient and easier to operate. Perfect for convenience stores, newsagents, bakeries and petrol forecourts, it will quickly and cost effectively capture the ever increasing revenues available within the hot drinks market. It offers consumers the choice of up to 10 different drink varieties, including NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND, NESCAFÉ Cappuccino, Tetley Tea, AERO Hot Chocolate and a range of MAGGI soups. “Research has shown that lunchtime is the peak time for snack sales, 80% of consumers having bought soup at lunchtime in the last six months,” said Andrew Newson, category manager at Nestlé Professional. “Our MAGGI range gives consumers the option of a quick, filling and healthy lunch to go, whilst also allowing operators to ensure that they can make the most from their machines at all times of day.”

Nescafe or call 0800 745 845

Taste of Italia

RH Amar has brought MUTTI – Italy’s No.1 tomato brand – to the UK. The Italian family company, located in Parma, was founded in 1899; work solely with tomatoes and have as their mission statement, ‘To bring this fruit to its maximum expression’. Using 100% Italian tomatoes with no GMO, Mutti’s integrated supply chain sees fruit getting from field to factory in around 2 hours, ensuring the best taste, colour and texture. All fruit comes from ‘Open air’ field cultivation and Mutti works with their supplying farmers towards maximising quality. Indeed, they even have a ‘Golden Tomato’ award for the top performer!

Available now, the Mutti range includes ‘Finely Chopped’, ‘Chopped’ and ‘Peeled’ Tomatoes; Tomato Purée and their bestselling Passata Mutti di pomodo. For foodservice there are also Mutti Pizza sauces, in both Classic and Spiced varieties.



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Natures Best

A unique, revolutionary and multipurpose 100% natural eco friendly sanitising water is now available. Aquaint, endorsed by Allergy UK as an ‘Allergy Friendly Product’, kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds and can be used on anything and everything. Safe, practical and easy to use on hands, food handling surfaces and equipment, food and anything else that needs cleaning, it does not contain alcohol, fragrances, preservatives or harmful chemicals. Available in a 500ml trigger spray bottle and 50ml finger pump bottle.


Perfect Pairing

Tetley has launched caffeine-free teabags, perfect for food pairing. The Mood infusions range includes a selection of blends inspired by popular fruit and herbal flavours, but with a unique twist. The teabags come in four blends: Tetley Serenity; a fusion of lemon balm, honey, red clover, elderflower and sarasaparilla root, Tetley Warmth; a combination of rooibos, orange blossom, peel and spices, Tetley Calm; a mix of camomile, lemon and liquorice and Tetley Pick Me Up; a blend of strawberries, cherries, raspberries, apples, hibiscus and poppy flowers. Serenity would pair well with a turkey club sandwich, Warmth with ginger cake, Calm with a salmon, spinach and avocado salad and Pick Me Up with an oat and almond flapjack.


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