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What’s New for Nov & Dec

Gluten Free Cereals

Nestlé Cereals have become the first major branded player to enter the gluten free cereals segment – a segment that has grown 160% in the past five years. Projected to add £4.7m to the cereals category, the two Gluten Free varieties on offer are ever-popular Corn Flakes, and a twist – Corn Flakes with Honey. Pack size is 7 x 500g and both are available now from your wholesaler.

Creative Coffees

Tate & Lyle has launched a new range of Beverage Syrups, made from natural sugar cane. Vanilla, Caramel, Cane Syrup and Hazelnut and two sugar free options – Vanilla and Sweetener Syrup – have been developed to offer a sweeter, thicker and more delicious complement to coffee and hot drinks. All the sugar used in the Beverage Syrups is certified as Fairtrade – showing Tate & Lyle’s commitment to improving the lives of over 20,000 sugar cane farmers from Guyana to Fiji and Jamaica to Belize. Your customers will recognize and support that commitment, as over 50% of households buy Fairtrade. With additional flavours planned for the future, these syrups are bang on trend, allowing you to offer something different to your customers, be that a vanilla-infused latte or a caramel-sweetened cappuccino.

Available in 750ml plastic bottles from your wholesaler now.

Souped Up

Maggi Soups are now available from Nestlé Professional® for NESCAFE® &GO® machines. The launch follows the success of the NESCAFE® &GO® machine – one of the original self-serve hot beverage machines. The UK soup market is set to grow by 29.5% to £869m over the next three years, making the new soups a perfect addition to the range. The soups are available in three traditional flavours: Tomato, Chicken and Vegetable. Andrew Newson, category manager at Nestlé Professional, says: “More than 18,000 NESCAFÉ® &GO® machineshave been sold since it was launched in 2007 and we know that NESCAFÉ® &GO drinks sell best in the late morning and late afternoon/early evening. The introduction of new Maggi® Soups will create a lucrative opportunity for businesses to boost lunchtime sales.”

An Effective Clean

Suma Combi is a new machine dishwashing detergent from Sealed Air’s Diversey business with built-in rinse aid. With no separate rinse aid needed, the product simplifies the dishwashing process, saves space in the kitchen and reduces packaging waste. Most facilities with industrial dishwashers still use separate auto-dosed detergents and rinse aids – but Suma Combi simplifies the process so that food service operations can achieve the consistent cleaning results to which they are accustomed but with a single, convenient, combined product. The Suma Combi container is easy to handle and allows facilities to store and manage fewer chemicals. The product also reduces packaging waste to support improved sustainability in food service operations. “Suma Combi allows facilities to get kitchenware clean, sparkling and dry, all for the same, manageable annual cost of purchasing separate detergent and rinse aid,” says Lindsay Maclean, foodservice & retail sector marketing manager for Diversey in the UK. “With this easier-to-handle, all-in-one product, operations can provide the spotless glassware, dishes and silverware their guests demand.”

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