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Crisps That Pack a Punch

At Seabrook they think that crisps aren’t as hot as they could be, hence their launch of ridge cut crisps that truly pack a punch. Not for the faint hearted, the three strong range of 150g sharing bags come in three different flavours, each one hotter than the previous, allowing enthusiasts and experimenters to savour the flavour of fire! Searin’ Hot – Chilli & Lemon Flavour is rated at 3 Chillies and is hot enough to challenge, but with a twist of citrus to add real flavour to the spice. Moving up, there’s Smokin’ Hot – Smokehouse Cayenne Flavour. Hot and savoury with a subtle woodsmoke BBQ flavour this has a 4 Chilli rating. And finally – for the truly brave there’s 5 Chillies rated Scorchin’ Hot – Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Flavour. To quote Seabrooks – “There’s hot and there’s hot… and then there’s Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Hot!” These crisps are bound to cause excitement – and are a great addition to your snacking range.


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