Cracker Pack 2019


A Fruity Freeze

Chaucer Foods has launched a new range of freeze-dried fruit for foodservice. The new freeze-dried strawberry, orange, raspberry, lime, pineapple and banana pieces, slices and granules, and strawberry,…

Take_Stock_Magazine_ Knorr_Professional_Blue_Dragon_Sauces_Whats_New

True Oriental

Knorr Professional Blue Dragon has launched three new authentic oriental flavours to help expand your menu easily with the latest food trends. There’s Knorr Professional Blue Dragon Katsu…


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Macphie has expanded its popular range of o.t.t dessert toppings with new Sicilian Lemon flavour joining the current flavours of chocolate, maple syrup, salted caramel, strawberry and toffee….


A Cool Cup

The Coca-Cola Company and Costa Coffee have unveiled a new canned coffee designed for consumers looking for a genuine coff ee hit, but chilled. Launched with three of…

Take_Stock_Magazine_ Macphie_Cheese_Sauce_Whats_New

A Cheesy Twist!

Macphie has launched a nacho cheese sauce that’s ideal for lunch, dinner and snacks – taking classics like hot dogs and tortilla chips and transforming them into Tex…


A New Rum

Halewood International has a new rum in its portfolio – Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp. Infused with natural hemp and CBD for a flavour guaranteed to hit new heights,…


Taste of India

Maggi’s Rich Tomato Ketchup is an icon in India, where it’s the number one sauce and growing sales at 8% year-on-year. Now, responding to demand from Asian shoppers,…


An American Takeover

Pladis has a long reputation for bringing innovative cheese flavours to its cheddars range – with its recent ‘Choose Your Cheese’ campaign giving consumers choices like Stilton, Red…

Take_Stock_Magazine_ AAK_Foodservice_liquid_butter_Whats_New

In a Whirl

Whirl, the liquid butter substitute from AAK Foodservice, has ventured into the vegan market with the introduction of a new dairy-free version. Convenient, versatile and with the same…


A REAL Taste

Tayto REAL crisps have always stood out from the crowd, with distinctive, bold flavours like Roast Ox, Ham & English Mustard and Jalapeño. That’s why they’re a firm…