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There’s a new super premium gin in town – Villa Ascenti. Hailing from Italy, the 41% ABV gin is distilled at a brand new distillery in Santa Vittoria, using a refurbished Frilli copper pot still from the 1970s. There, Master Distiller Lorenzo Rosso works with local producers and farmers to source ingredients for the new gin, including Moscato grapes, fresh mint and thyme. Triple distilled with the finest Tuscan Juniper the resulting gin has a smooth fruity flavour from the grapes, a vibrant and refreshing nose, zesty juniper notes and a velvety, slightly sweet taste. The perfect serve? 125ml Villa Ascenti Gin with 500ml Prosecco, 125ml soda water and a splash of syrup, garnished with fresh herbs and grapes and served in a carafe over plenty of ice.


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