Cracker Pack 2019

Saving the Planet!

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally aware, with Mintel reporting that 65% of Brits are trying to live more ethically than a year ago and 48% saying they are loyal to companies whose ethics align with their own – rising to 56% among under-25s. Now, pubs across the UK using SmartDispense technology will be able to shout about their green credentials with the launch of the Green Pint – a new in-pub campaign that
educates and inspires consumers to make conscious choices about the pints they drink. SmartDispense technology offers publicans a system with unique cooling and insulation from keg to tap that keeps cider and beer below three degrees, keeping it cleaner for longer. This allows publicans to clean lines four-weekly, as opposed to weekly in standard systems, in turn saving time, and water. It makes serving the perfect pint easier too. To find out more about a system that in the past five years has saved 72 million pints of water and 207 tonnes of CO2, go to

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