Brillo Cleaning Guide 10/19

Spice up your Mixer

Coca-Cola has created a new milestone in its 134-year history with the introduction of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers – a range of four specially crafted drinks, designed to be mixed with premium dark spirits. They are: Smoky – to be paired with spiced rums and premium whiskies; Spicy – for spiced rums, aged and golden tequilas and spiced or sweet whiskies; Herbal – the ideal mixer for amber whiskies and most rums, and Woody designed to bring out the best from golden rums and smoky, woody whiskies. Created in collaboration with a handful of the world’s leading bartenders, who were challenged to create a range of new taste experiences, Coca-Cola says the result is ‘a totally innovative and unique product range for mixology’. Served in a contemporary 200ml Hutchinson glass bottle, the launch is being supported by a social media and digital campaign, trade events, POS, training and branded glassware.

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