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It’s demand from Urban millennials looking for new, exciting, authentic and flavoursome foods that has seen more than 2,000 street food businesses pop up in the UK, creating a £600m market that’s growing at over 20%. However, this trend hasn’t made its way to soft drinks until now, with the introduction of a brand new range of still drinks from Rubicon – Street Drinks. Choose from four flavours: Bissap – an African inspired mix of hibiscus and ginger; Sharbat – a take on the popular West Asian drink, prepared from pomegranate and rose; Nimbu Pani – with lemon, cumin and mint flavour and, finally, Agua Fresca – which literally means ‘cool waters’ in Mexican Spanish. Available in eye-catchingly colourful 330ml cans, these are a great way for you to tap into the street food vibe.


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