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Super Tea

Tetley has launched its ‘Super’ range to foodservice operators in three delicious flavours; Super Green Tea Boost, Super Green Tea Immune and Super Fruits Boost. The launch aims to meet the demands of health conscious tea drinkers and those who are seeking a vitamin boost from their daily hot beverage intake. Sourced from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms and using all-natural flavours to create a great tasting tea, they are expertly blended for a smooth and refreshing taste. The tea comes in individually wrapped tea bags, so caters to the growing trends in the tea market by supplying new and adventurous flavours. With research from Tetley’s Tea Report 2018 showing that 29% of consumers are expected to drink more green tea than they did a year ago, and that 14% of the tea drinking market is choosing fruit teas as their favourite non-black blend out of home, these Super Teas are a must stock!


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