Kenco Cappuccino 10/19

Unitas Exclusives!

Unitas and JJ Whitley have got together to bring you two fabulous spirits, exclusive to your Unitas supplier.

Strawberry picking was a favourite past time of the Whitley family and as such, has inspired this luscious J.J Whitley Strawberry Gin. Gentle sweet sophisticated notes of summer strawberries tune perfectly with classic notes of piney juniper, sweet citrus and earthy liquorice root, topped off with a rich full-bodied strawberry aroma, reminiscent of candied strawberries. This is a fantastically versatile gin that can be used all year round in G&Ts and cocktails as well as in serves that bring back the taste of summer.

J.J Whitley Vanilla Vodka is wonderfully contemporary addition to the family that delivers a delightful twist to a simple spirit and mixer or cocktail – such as the Espresso Martini. J.J Whitley Vanilla Vodka delivers a smooth, rich, subtle vanilla flavour with hints of white pepper spice. Perfect for drinking neat or mixing in long drinks and cocktails.

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