Kuehne June 2019

Whip it up!

Delicious desserts and sweet treats just wouldn’t be the same without cream.

Either used when creating the dish, or afterwards to complement it, high in fat and totally yummy, cream may top the no-no list of many dieters but it’s an essential ingredient in patisserie.

Demand for cream rises during the festive season when customers put their healthy habits on hold. As a result, consistency, taste profile and value for money are vital. “With the festive season bringing opportunities for increased footfall and greater consumer spend, Kerrymaid Double can support chefs this Christmas,” says Grace Keenan, brand manager for Kerrymaid. “It offers the flavour, taste and texture of fresh cream with greater functionality and convenience.”

Cream Facts

Soured cream – treated with lactic acid to give it a tangy taste. A thick texture and about a 20% fat content. Best for cheesecakes

Créme fraîche – similar to soured cream but with a milder taste. It has a high fat content, at around 35%, which means it does not curdle when cooked

Clotted cream – the highest fat percentage at 55%. This silky, butter-coloured cream is a speciality of Devon and Cornwall where it is served with scones and jam

Pure cream – 35-45% butterfat and can be whipped or poured

Thickened cream – generally has 35% butterfat with added gelatine to make it thicker. Once whipped it’s good for cake fillings, or most recipes

Double cream – the thickest and best for serving with fruit and for decorating desserts. It can also be used to add richness and creaminess to savoury dishes


Try this delicious Semifreddo recipe  and a gingerbread muffin with creamy cinnamon tops using Kerrymaid Double

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