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Wine Away

Getting your wine offering right can be extremely profitable, especially if you serve food, as 75% of consumers order wine with a meal. It’s also important to know that:

48% of consumers drink wine when they’re out – higher than any other alcohol category

80% of alcohol drinkers drink wine in the on-trade

69% of wine drinkers consume wine between 7pm and 9pm

Wine is becoming ever more important to the on-trade

However, major barriers to wine purchase in the on-trade are price and reservations about quality. Branded wine can help
alleviate these barriers as:

61% of wine drinkers perceive branded wine to be good value for money

79% of frequent wine drinkers go for branded wine

3 out of 5 consumers would rate the quality of branded wine they’ve tried at 8/10 or better

The other barrier is getting advice on wine selection from your staff. Are they familiar with your wine list? Do they know what specials are on offer? Can they recommend which wine goes with which dish? If not, training is required so you can maximise sales.

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