Kuehne June 2019

iASC Atlantic Seafood – Winning Spread

A new culinary butter using organic shellfish sourced off the coast of West Cork in Ireland has been produced by iASC Atlantic Seafood.

The award-winning iASC Irish Shellfish Butter is made from natural and sustainable shellfish and ideal for fish and seafood dishes. The unique product, made from mussels, crab meat, Irish butter and foraged dulse seaweed, has an intense authentic flavour, with a flexible, zero-waste, butter-based ingredient. Colin Ross, managing director of iASC, said the butter also introduced a new dimension to any recipe with the magic of umami – a Japanese word that describes a meaty or savoury taste and is thought to be a fifth flavour which can be created by a number of food combinations. “The appeal of our creamy Irish butter to chefs is its versatility – it can be used as an ingredient across a variety of different fish, seafood and surf n’ turf dishes.”

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