Schwartz September 2019

Wrong is right for you

The customer is always right even if they are clearly in the wrong, according to you, readers of Take Stock online!

Our online survey “Leave them to it or chuck them out” asked you how you dealt with eyebrow raising, rowdy guests. We wanted to know what would make you ask nuisance diners to leave – a question sparked by a raft of newspaper headlines telling how the Duchess of York was forced to make a grovelling apology to other diners at her favourite London Italian after a meal to celebrate her daughter’s boyfriend’s birthday turned into a drunken night of high jinks.

We gave you all sorts of options to choose from but almost half of you said that nothing would prompt you to ask paying customers to leave. What’s happened to a respect for manners or is this turning a blind eye just a sign of the economic times? There’s still time to enter the survey if you’d like your say as there’ll be a full report on its findings in the July/August issue of Take Stock magazine.

Do you agree or disagree? Vote in our online poll here.

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