Schwartz September 2019

What a Year!

We’re almost ready to toast in a new year but how good was 2014?

In foodservice, business picked up with real growth in casual dining and quick service food sectors while gluten-free was flavour of the year. As usual, Take Stock’s loyal Twitter followers kept us updated with their creative and inventive dishes, so we thought it was only fair to give them the final say. Here, they reflect on the success of this year and what they’re looking forward to in 2015.

Rob @robkennedy0

My highlight of 2014 was representing Team England at the culinary World Cup in November in Luxembourg!

Joe @JoechefBartlett

This year I’ve been inspired by the rise of local, artisanal producers who proudly sell their produce at local markets, streets stalls and fairs, who we love to support. As a chef you never stop learning and this has helped my journey continue! 2015 could see the influx of more exotic meat and fish as we try to keep sustainability at bay ! Maybe even creepy crawlies ? Who knows!

Eddie @vegetarianchef

My highlight of 2014 was my trip to Copenhagen with my fiancé where we ate at Relae and Noma, as well as meeting Rene Redzepi and getting a tour of the Noma kitchens. In 2015 I’m teaching a course in Crete which should be great, then I’m also hoping to launch a pop up and, in a joint venture, I’m developing some new ingredients for chef which I hope will go on sale early  2015. Do it’s shaping up to be a busy exciting culinary year ahead.





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