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Plan Ahead - July/August 17

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is crucial if you’re to maximise the sales opportunities presented by key dates or events on the calendar.

Toast the Roast

British Roast Dinner Week encourages outlets to serve a roast everyday – not just on Sunday – culminating in a competition to find the country’s best roast dinner. The annual event is a prime opportunity for outlets to raise revenue on the nation’s favourite pub meal.

What to do

  • Advertise the event via your social media, website and in-house now
  • Have a roast menu running alongside your core menu just for the week
  • Make your roasts special and stand out from the crowd by adding personal, extra touches
  • Each day have at least two choices of meat and think about offering a sharing option  
  • Have a vegetarian option and make sure your menu includes options for diners with special dietary requirements
  • Hold promotions such as 2FOR1 or a soft drink with every roast ordered during quieter times
  • Gain feedback from your customers to find out if having a roast on your menu more than once a week appeals to them

National Curry Week

Curry has become a staple dish on British menus – it even has its own awards! The annual event gives outlets the opportunity to experiment with more traditional, healthy curries and have the confidence to serve more dishes than just a tikka masala or vindaloo!

What to do

  • Whether you create a curry menu, a daily special or a one-off curry night, holding some sort of event will prove profitable
  • Promote any event you are holding via social media, website and in-house
  • Don’t be scared to experiment with different flavours and spices to make the dish your own – if unsure, why not ask the help of your local Indian restaurant?
  • Have vegetarian options available
  • Create sharing dishes to make the event more of a social event for customers
  • Get your sides right – most Indian dishes are served with chapattis not pilau rice!
  • Speak to your suppliers and stock up on the beers that pair well with curry such as Cobra, Tiger and Kingfisher
  • Sharing DishesAs the season changes and customers want warmer, heartier dishes, why not get creative and instead of offering just soup or one pot dishes, serve a selection of hot sharing plates? Perfect for a light meal or as a  less formal dining experience for couples and groups during the autumn months.What to do
    • Have a selection of dishes that are suitable for a bar snack or main meal
    • Make sure your specials board includes at least one sharing option
    • Have a ‘sharing hour’ during quieter times to boost custom and offer a 2FOR1 on dishes or a cut-price bottle of fizz
    • Make sure your sharing menu has options for children such as a four-in-one-pizza or nachos
    • Brief staff to explain to customers about sharing options – especially those who are just ordering drinks
    • During quiet times spread complimentary taster options along the bar for customers to try as nothing sells food better than a delicious free sample!
    • Have ‘skinny sharing’ options for those customers counting the calories who would normally be put off ordering this type of food



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